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Cause direction Business Profile History Projects CONTACT    1. In order to prevent the greenhouse effect, environmental maintenance of countermeasures make.
   2. According to environmental protection needs to actively develop energy-saving products.
   3. The aging of society for health, leisure and sports equipment needs.

   21st century living environment, especially the prevention of global warming are the general-purpose energy-saving measures and social measures for the high age of the urgent need.
   Our Steam Generator "JNTAN" solid sales performance in the past five years, more than hundred and fifty years by both the growth rate. Security and high-performance energy-saving equipment, such as air-source pool thermostat,water cooler, to obtain the trust has been confirmed in a real 21st century society is necessary, this is not an exaggeration.


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  JINTIAN electrical equipment factory is a manufacturer of sauna pool equipment. product: steam generator (sauna, kitchen, industrial boiler), sauna stove heater, pool spa heater, dual-use hot and cold water thermostat, heat exchanger, sauna steam room, ultra-violet disinfection, integrative filtration (filter, pump, heater), electrical control system.

   Ensure that technology-leading design and manufacturing capabilities, since the set up three plants: electrical equipment factory, metal factory, plastics factory production of the major part. Products from the design and manufacture in accordance with international standards to ensure product reliability, advanced, maintainability. Product appearance beautiful and elegant, the internal parts sophisticated, the part has been used by UL (ETL) and CE (ROHS) or CQC certification.

   JINTIAN sauna swimming pool equipment factory from the factory in accordance with ISO9001 quality system since the operation of the national quality inspection department of the inspection, all products are all qualified. Please regional distributors, installation, use the tender JNTAN, GOLDAY, BACH brand of steam sauna swimming pool equipment; welcome to visit our factory, guidance, OEM customized products.

   Company Profile  
Company Name   Kaneda Electrics Co., Ltd
Company Address   Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Factory Name   JINTIAN Electrical Equipment Factory
Factory Address   Xixi Zone, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Telephone Number
 +86 136 5025 3027
Fax Number  +86 137 120 54199
Email   5075296@163.com
License No.  91441900677133382N
General Manager   Mr. shi shaoguang
Registered capital  CNY 1,000,000 dollar
Date of establishment   Feb. 1992
Bank information one
  Receiver Bank: BANK OF CHINA
  Receiver Name: HU LIYING
  Account No.: 49505 0101 88015 8353
Bank information two
  Receiver Name: HU LIYING
  Account No.: 6222 0220 1000 0879 822
Bank information three
  Receiver Name: JINTIAN Electric Apparatus Factory
  Account No.: 20100 25109 02488 3871
Business Content
  1. steam generator (sauna, kitchen, commercial, industrial).
  2. sauna stove heater, sauna Room, Steam Room.
  3. SPA Tub Heater, air cooler or heat pum, Heat Exchanger.
  4. ozone generators, ultra-violet disinfection, Integrative Filtration (filter, pump).
  5. sauna and swimming pool equipments.
Feb. 1992 JINTIAN Electrics Co., Ltd of establishment
1995 The development and fabrication of "Electrics Steam Generator".
Dec. 1999 Obtain certificate ISO9001:2000JQA
sauna heater, Steam Generator, Spa and Pool Heater.
Dec. 2000 Obtain certificate ISO14001:1996JQA
sauna heater, Steam Generator, Spa and Pool Heater.
2002 Design Awards: air cooler or heat pump
Mar. 2004 JINTIAN Electric Apparatus Factory
Establishment of manufacturing.
Jun. 2004
Jun. 2008
Testing Center of China Quality Certification
Steam Generator No.: 350067-DZ/WT
Sauna Heater No.: 350068-DZ/WT
Spa and Pool No.: 350072-DZ/WT
Jul. 2006 CE Quality Certification
Steam Generator No.: AN 50041190 0001
Sauna Heater No.: AN 50041195 0001
Spa and Pool No.: AN 50041201 0001
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