JINTIAN sauna pool water treatment factory 金田電気株式会社 日本建装工業 (日本語)  
JINTIAN Sauna Pool Water Treatment Facilities Factory ( English )  
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JINTIAN Electrics Co., Ltd name in the production of electrical machines, with the genuine quality machines are very different, please pay attention to the user! If you have any questions, please call our Advisory: 0086-13650253027

( The products meet the voltage security of Japan against Article 26 of Law No. 3, by Economy, Trade and Industry to register as a B and that of imports of electrical supplies )

Name: JINTIAN sauna pool water treatment factory

Sales Department: Ms. Lynn Hu
WeChat: steam_generator
Address: Xixi Zone, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Mobile: +86 136 5025 3027
URL: http://www.jntan.cn
QQ: 408184363
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MSN: wangzhiqian26@hotmail.com
Email: 5075296@163.com
  Shanghai Office

Address: Minghang Zone, Shanghai City, China
Name: Mr. Zhou Yang
Mobile: 13649801968
Email: 1498251875@qq.com
Address: Fengtai Zone, Beijing City, China
Name: Mr. Wang Lin
Email: 649509973@qq.com

  Guangzhou Office  
Address: Dongpu Town, Guangzhou City, Guangdong
Name: Mr. He Jialiang
Email: 158204126@qq.com
    Chengdu Office  
Address: Wuhou Zone, chengdu City, Sichuan
Name: Mr. Wang changyong
Email: 530446777@qq.com
    Chongqing Office  
Name:Chongqing Qiyu Sauna Bathroom Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: Longxi Town, Yubei Zone, Chongqing City, China
Name: Mr. Cai Wanlin
Email: c811456@163.com
    Japan R&D  
Name:Kaneda Electric Co., Ltd
Address: Dafen City, Dafen county, China
Name: Mr. Jean
Email: jean@yahoo.co.jp
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TEL: 0086 136 5025 3027, FAX: 0086-769-2311-0861
email: 5075296@163.com, MSN: wangzhiqian26@hotmail.com, QQ: 408184363