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金田电气设备厂 中国桑拿泳池设备制造商(简体中文)  
steam_stove sauna_heater pool heater chiller_heater exchanger sauna_room Steam_room sauna_fittings pool_fitting purify_water control_panel jntan steam generator golday sauna heater spa pool heater cooler heat pump
 steam generator
 مولد البخار
 sauna heater
 сауна каменки
 سخان ساونا
 spa pool heater
 бассейн нагреватель
 بركة سخان
 chiller / heat pump
 чиллер / tепловой насос
 مبرد / مضخة الحرارة
 冷水機 / 熱ポンプ
heat exchange spa hot tub sauna room satem room
 cool heat exchanger
 مبادل حراري الباردة
 spa pool fittings
 спа-бассейн фитинги
 تجهيزات الحمامات حمام سباحة
 sauna room fittings
 сауне фитинги
 غرفة ساونا التجهيزات
steam room fittings
 парной фитинги
 غرفة بخار التجهيزات
  sand filter hair filter pump ozonizer controller
   sand filter
 песочный фильтр
 مرشح رملي
 hair filter pump
 Волосы фильтр насоса
 مضخة تصفية الشعر
 purify water
 очистки воды
 تنقية المياه
 sauna relay control
 контроль сауна реле
 ساونا تتابع مراقبة

  ( The products meet the voltage security of Japan against Article 26 of Law No. 3, by Economy, Trade and Industry to register as a B and that of imports of electrical supplies )

  JINTIAN Sauna Pool Equipment Factory was founded in 2003, Factory in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, Have electronics factory, metal factory, plastics factory, and production of major parts manufacturers Product , In some city have office and R&D as technical support. Products: steam generator (steam stove), sauna stove (sauna heater), sauna room (steam room); pool heater, bathtub heater, water cooler, water pump, heat exchanger, hair collection basket, sand filter, sauna equipment , pool equipment.

   JINTIAN Sauna Pool Equipment Factory in accordance with international standards of production, Get IS9001 standard certification, To protect the quality of products first, service first principle. Product appearance beautiful, Excellent internal parts, The materials have passed the UL (ETL) and CE (ROHS) and the CQC certification, For some Installation Dealers bid Winning projects.

   JINTIAN Sauna Pool Equipment Factory equipment for the commercial product, can be used over a long time, welcomed the sale and installation dealers to the factory visit, and sales use: JNTAN, GOLDAY, BACH brand products. Welcome OEM orders our high-quality sauna and swimming pool products.

  Finland, the United States, Japan helped the three regions of the technical and operational cooperation.
  Product has been made part of the country's main food safety regulator "type test electrical products confirmation" and the European Union "CE" certification, the United States "UL" certification and Japan, "JQA" certification, the product best-selling domestic, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia all over the world.
  Projects are being invited to the installation of shops and vendors to join the region.
ISO UL CE CCC... certificate

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