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Introduction Features Exchanger use Maxi-Flo 3T plate type pool type Install example maxi_flo heat exchanger    When the heat medium from the steam boiler or hot water boiler to provide heat when the media should not use direct heating hot water (oil) (solution), we must take an indirect heat exchanger heating method.

   ★Coliseum has a swimming pool boiler; low-acid aseptic particles containing factories, farms!
    Applied to petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, ship and air conditioning, refrigeration, food and beverages in areas such as heating, evaporation, cooling and condensation process.

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    2).  25kw~120kw Tubular heat exchangers (boiler cold heat exchanger) features  



1. Maxi-Flo Swimming pool heat exchanger suitable for a small temperature difference, the small resistance to heat transfer requirements, are dedicated to swimming pool heat exchanger, therefore selection of the design should pay special attention to the following 3 points:
   1). Circulation flow rate by 25% through the single-tube heat exchanger when the pressure drop is less than 0.5Mpa type design.
   2). By Qa calculation for a single heat exchanger heat transfer area.
   3). Election with the type of heat exchanger 2, the initial heating of pool water at the same time when the 2 running, water run-time of normal insulation, heat-for example by only one on the list, but in order to reduce the resistance should be 2 running at the same time, this can be so that the pressure drop reduced to 0.25Mpa the following in order to choose low-lift swimming pool pump, water treatment systems to achieve energy efficient operation.
2. Maxi-Flo Heat exchanger has automatic descaling function of fluid pressure drop is also small, but their prices more expensive plate heat exchanger, installation required a larger space, the current application in the pool less.
3. Maxi-Flo Heat exchangers for industrial products of its heat transfer coefficient for traditional heat exchanger tube 2-3 times the flow resistance in small and difficult to scaling, automatic compensation function of thermal stress.

  Heat exchanger Dimension  
    3). 25kw~120kw Tubular heat exchangers (boiler cold heat exchanger) use  


   1. Health Industry: Swimming Pool, SPA spa bath, thermostatic bath, sauna and steam bath, bathroom, barber and beauty.
   2. Food industry: high-viscosity products containing pulp fibers and particles larger products, the higher acidity of the dead-end product is corrosive, low-acid aseptic products containing particles. For example: tomato paste, fruit juices, coffee drinks, margarine, ice cream and so on.
   3. Dairy industry: tubular sterilization system in pasteurized, high temperature, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk production commonly used.
   4. Oil products industry: oil (water) heat exchanger for heating oil, crude oil heating, oil refining, water and so on.
   5. Pharmaceutical Industry: starch, western medicine tablets, medicine air drying equipment, cold storage used in the cooler, low humidity library Tube Top.
   6. Machinery Industry: Oil (water) coolers, condensers for condensing excess steam, refrigeration, etc., machinery and equipment to reduce water temperature inside the cylinder liner.
   7. Electronics industry: the stability of electronic components within the molecular structure of the production line, improve the passing rate of electronic components, used in ultrasonic cleaning industry, to effectively prevent expensive cleaning agents volatile and volatile bring harm.
   8. Energy-saving hot water supply: the family, hotel, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, troops and so on, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, dry cleaners, bath, swimming pool.


     4). 25kw~120kw Tubular heat exchangers (boiler cold heat exchanger)  

fig.(4-1). MF80~MF400(model) Maxi-Flo 3T
Tubular heat exchangers

   Tubular heat exchangers (boiler cold heat exchanger) Installation, Use, Maintenance and description
   a. Installation
   1.Random inspection of heat exchanger parts, technical documentation; details about the use of specification.
   2. At both ends of the installation location should have sufficient space, easy to repair.
   3. Show size of the root embedded base of equipment at the end of the foot bolt.
   4. Made easier when the space remaining pallets Events adjust to ensure that equipment leveling, leveling equipment will be firmly fixed.
   b. Use
   1.After pipe cleaning system, the system and fastening devices. Heat exchanger should be accompanied by import filters and consider the provision of temporary bypass.
   2. Driving should first open media access to the valve is heated to start the cold side of circulating pump, normal (no leakage, mutation), and then slowly open the hot side of the valve, after the closure of exhaust steam.
   3. Test when required to enter the hot medium temperature slowly to avoid thermal shock thermal shock or pressure is too large.
   4. Test temperature to normal, it can conduct heat exchanger hot tight bolts.
   c. Maintenance
   1. Normal use of pressure equipment nameplate should permit maximum working pressure, the installation of pressure gauges to monitor or pressure protection device.
   2. System should be shut down for cleaning out the valve to prevent the cleaning fluid into the heat exchanger.
   3. System to stop working heat exchanger must be released within the medium to do in order to avoid corrosion of equipment, especially in winter disable do the work place must be thoroughly medium, to prevent the generation of Frost Crack.
   4. Heat exchanger cleaning, the cleaning solution of chloride ions should not exceed 25ppm, cleaned should be washed to remove cleaning liquid, and then the assembly should be carried out before being put into use the pressure of 1.25 times nominal pressure test, 60 minutes without leakage, no abnormalities.

MODEL Heat output
Hot flow
Primary, hot water
Cold flow
Secondary, cold water
Heating transfer surface M2 Gross
Machine Size
Package Size
KW kcal/h L/min drop h/m L/min drop h/m
MF-80 25 20 20 0.05 180 0.6 0.2 3.15 13.3x27.5 52x18.5x18.5
MF-135 40 34 25 0.05 200 0.8 0.3 4 13.3x355 60x18.5x18.5
MF-200 65 51 30 0.05 250 1.4 0.45 5 13.3x485 73x18.5x18.5
MF-260 75 65 35 0.2 300 1.8 0.6 6.3 13.3x613 86x18.5x18.5
MF-400 120 100 50 0.7 360 2.4 1.1 9.5 13.3x1070 132x18.5x18.5
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