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Features sauna room sauna model steam room steam model to:sauna fitting Install example sauna steam room    Sauna room are used by high-temperature treatment of Baisong manufacture, and use cotton insulation cut off may be effected pursuant to accommodate the number of different sizes produced a variety of design specifications, Finland Sauna conditions: humidity 15%~30%, temperature 65~ 85oC.

   ★ Sauna steam bath can be likened to the lazy sports, do not move to move to, we can achieve a passive effect of fitness and beauty.
   Applicable to the hotel, leisure club, beauty massage parlors, bath center, gym, gymnasiums, nursing homes and hospitals, especially white-collar workers are well-off family.

   (Kaneda Electronics Co., Ltd. Japan Industrial Construction) Authorization No.: 4762983
   (Access to official Certification) C-UPC,NSF,WRAS,DVGW,Watemark,KIWA
    2).  Sauna room (dry steam room) design features  

sauna room square

fig.(2-1) S0810~S3030 Square sauna room



sauna room diamond

fig.(2-2) S1616A~S3030A Diamond-type sauna

    Saunas are used by high-temperature treatment of Baisong manufacture, and use separate cotton insulation, concrete can be finished according to specification choice. Sauna can accommodate the number of in accordance with different specifications according to the size of multi-design, has a variety of specifications.
    Temperature because of customer requirements are different, if the design of two different sauna temperature so that customers can freely choose, the right of their need will be greater efficiency.
    During non-peak hours may be one of a turn off to reduce power consumption. Much of that is the bathroom small, dispersed than concentrate better.
    Sauna room can be set up TV, stereo, hidden lighting and humidity regulator and so on.
    Style sauna room many here introduce two custom-made and modular-style sauna.
1. Custom-made-style sauna room
    Used by the processing of white pine, based on the user's design requirements or the scene to conduct custom-made, free from a fixed limitation on the size, can achieve the best results.
Custom-made sauna room -style design features include:
    1) With pores through the wall;
    2) In the sauna room at the top in the space of one cell pores, if the grid space was sealed between the wall (such as a sauna door and above) on at least one ventilation hole, to ensure that the sauna room and the outside air convection.
    3) Established through the sauna roof vent pipes. Ventilation pipe should be installed between the wall and the roof of the phase sauna Department.
2. Combined sauna room
    Modular sauna a lot of style, you can meet different needs of sauna design. The advantages of modular sauna are both inside and outside the walls can be made to save the external walls of civil engineering, but also simple and quick installation, easy removal.
3. Sauna Room decoration requirements
    1) Sauna room is located separated small sauna.
      The room ceiling, wall-anti-choice hot, waterproof material decoration.
    2) With bath-bed, special buckets, electric furnace, and Tbsp olive branch, located thermometer, hygrometer and hourglass timer.
    3) A variety of facilities fully equipped bathroom, well, its good rate of 100%.
    4. Facilities requirements
    1) Sauna room next to reception to have the ability and the corresponding grade and quantity of male and female changing rooms, shower rooms and locker room with a locked closet, hanging clothes catch, racks, shoe racks and benches.
    Shower room among isolation, with hot and cold water sprinklers double, shower curtain.
    2) Isolated room with sitting stools, and hanging bucket toilet, large mirror and hair dryer fixed equipment, such as hygiene.
    3) Wall of the supporting facilities, the ground all over tiled or marble, has anti-skid measures.
    4) Bathroom equipped with drinking water.
    5) Various ancillary facilities in the choice of materials and decoration, should be adapted to the gym facilities and equipment.
      Supporting facilities and equipment in good condition should not be less than the rate of 98%.
5. Environmental quality requirements
    1) Sauna room outside the hours of operation, the guests notes, price lists and other signs signs.
    Signs elegant design requirements, the installation location of the right, there are bilingual, clear handwriting.
    2) Sauna interior separated into small, room temperature maintained at around 26 ~ 30 ≧.
      The interior a well-ventilated, the air fresh, the environment clean and tidy.
    3) Have the guests comfort, convenience and a sense of insecurity.
6. Hygiene standards
    1) The Sauna room ceiling, wall-free dust, water, prints, non-peeling phenomenon,
      Ground dry, without dust, garbage and sanitation corners, clean and tidy.
    2) All the metal pieces of the surface bright and clean bright, specular anhydrous trace.
      All wood clean, smooth, no dust, no stain, carbides.
    3) Have the guests comfort.

    3).  1,6M3~17.4M3 Sauna room (dry steam room) Dimensions list  

S0810~S2020B model sauna room square

fig.(3-1) S0810,S1010,S1212,S1612,
Sauna Room square floor plan

S1616A~S2020C sauna room diamond

fig.(3-2) S1616A,S2016A,S2020A,S2020C
Diamond-type sauna floor plan

S2025~S3030 model sauna room square

fig.(3-3) S2025,S2520,S2525,S2530,S3025,S3030
Sauna Room square floor plan

S2025A~S2530A sauna room diamond

fig.(3-4) S2025A,S2520A,S2530A
Diamond-type sauna floor plan

S2530A~S3030A sauna room diamond

fig.(3-4) S2530A,S3030A
Diamond-type sauna floor plan

MODEL Sauna room size
heater power
Package Size
S0810 80x100x200 1.6 3 167 92x121x213
S1010 100x100x200 2 3 180 121x121x213
S1212 122x122x200 2.9 3 267 133x133x213
S1612 157x122x200 3.8 4.5 397 152x133x213
S1616 157x157x200 4.9 6 351 152x152x213
S1616A 157x157x200 4.9 6 356 152x152x213
S2016 202x157x200 6.3 8 369 152x183x213
S2016A 202x157x200 6.3 8 387 152x183x213
S2020 202x202x200 8.2 9 396 183x183x213
S2020A 202x202x200 8.2 9 464 183x183x213
S2020B 202x202x200 8.2 9 498 183x183x213
S2020C 202x202x200 8.2 9 498 183x183x213
S2025 202x252x200 10.2 10.5 550 244x244x213
S2025A 202x252x200 10.2 10.5 555 244x244x213
S2520 252x202x200 10.2 10.5 550 244x244x213
S2520A 252x202x200 10.2 10.5 555 244x244x213
S2525 252x252x200 12.7 12 555 244x244x213
S2030 202x295x200 12 12 550 244x244x213
S3025 295x252x200 15 15 680 244x305x213
S3025A 295x252x200 15 15 682 244x305x213
S2530 252x295x200 15 15 680 244x305x213
S2530A 252x295x200 15 15 682 244x305x213
S3030 295x295x200 17.4 18 725 305x305x213
S3030A 295x295x200 17.4 18 728 305x305x213
CONTACT    According to market demand, specifications and images may have changed, please prevail in kind; prices in the order asked, does not contain electrical, plumbing, construction decoration, such as installed cost of the project cost of materials and accessories.

    4).  Steam room (wet steam room) the characteristics  

steam room square
fig.(4-1) 2G1,2G2,1B2 Square Steam Room

steam room diamond
fig.(4-2) 2G1A,2G2A,1BA Diamond-type steam room

 1. Quality of the steam engine and the computer control panel.

   Steam Room Its core is the steam engine, steam engine, however if the clearance, rather than later, many have a bad time, such as not less than the steam room.

   Professionals, currently used by the steam engine Steam Room more mature brand has BACH, JNTAN, GOLDAY and so many other brands are from ordinary electronics factory switched over in the steam engine on the weak R&D capability. In addition, the computer control panel is also a core part of the steam room.

   Steam room because of all the function keys are in the on-board computer, once the computer board problem, the whole steam room can not be opened, so at the time of purchase-money must ask the steam engine and the warranty time board computer.

 2. Steam room, high-quality plates.

    Steam room used mainly acrylic sheet, although with the are acrylic, but the load-bearing are not the same.
   This is some expensive brands of steam room, while some of the main reasons for the cheapest brand.

   Good quality materials using advanced MPC durable high-quality steam room, with sleek stand-alone luxury seats, aluminum metal magnetic touch or hydraulic strengthening of safety glass door, leak-proof plastic seat edge connectivity, aesthetics, durability, capable of withstanding high temperature and humidity changes not easy to burst.

 3.Note the room size and height.

   If the smaller room, the best buy people steam room, and now the market can buy the smallest room of the steam room has required only 4-5 square meters is enough. And install a double steam room you need to have room 10 square meters. Room height should not less than 2 meters.

 4.The attention of home electric meter can not stand up to heavy load currents.

   Steam Room power in 4500 many watts, 4500 watts 220V single-phase electric current of 20.5A, 6000 watts or more generally the use of electric three-phase 380V.

   The smallest to 3000 watts, 220V single-phase electric current of 13.6A, therefore decided to buy before the first gain a clear understanding of their own homes can not stand up to the meter.

    5).  1,46M3~30.86M3 Steam room (wet steam room) Dimensions list  
1B1~1B2 steam room 10A steam room
MODEL Steam Room Size
Steam power
Package Size
1B1 100x88x214 1.88 3 87 1.09
1B2 78x88x214 1.46 3 78 0.91
6A 250x190x225 10.6 9 360 4.56
8A 310x190x225 13.25 12 450 5.7
10A 370x190x225 15.8 15 537 6.8
12A 430x190x225 18.3 18 622 7.88
14A 490x190x225 20.9 18 710 8.99
16A 550x190x225 23.5 22.5 799 10.1
2B 130x102x215 2.85 3 97 1.23
MIN4B 130x150x214 4 4.5 136 1.72
4B 190x130x225 5.5 6 187 2.37
6B 190x190x225 8 7.5 272 3.45
8B 190x250x225 10.6 9 360 4.56
10B 190x310x225 13.25 12 450 5.7
12B 190x370x225 15.8 15 537 6.79
14B 190x430x225 18.3 18 622 7.88
16B 190x490x225 20.9 18 710 8.9
10C 232x190x214 9.4 9 319 4.05
12C 292x190x214 11.8 10.5 401 5.08
14C 352x190x214 14.3 12 486 6.2
16C 412x190x214 16.75 15 569 7.2
18C 472x190x214 19 18 646 8.17
20C 532x190x214 21.6 18 734 9.29
4D 190x112x214 4.5 6 154 1.91
6D 190x112x214 4.5 6 186 2.12
7D 190x172x214 7 7.5 238 3.0
8D 190x172x214 7 7.5 270 3.21
9D 190x232x214 9.4 9 319 4.04
10D 190x232x214 9.4 9 341 4.25
12D 190x292x214 11.8 10.5 401 5.07
14D 190x352x214 14.3 12 486 6.12
16D 190x412x214 16.75 15 569 7.21
7F 292x112x214 6.99 6 237 3
10F 292x134x214 8.3 7.5 282 3.57
12F 292x254x214 15.87 15 539 6.83
14F 292x314x214 19.6 18 666 8.43
16F 292x374x214 23.37 22.5 794 10
18F 292x434x214 17.12 27 922 11.7
20F 292x494x214 30.86 30 1049 13.3
12E 254x292x214 15.87 15 539 6.83
16E 374x292x214 23.37 22.5 794 10
18E 434x292x214 17.12 27 922 11.7
20E 494x292x214 30.86 30 1049 13.3
2G1 112x112x214 2.68 3 100 1.26
2G2 127x134x214 3.64 4.5 154 1.91
2G3 120x120x214 3 3 109 1.42
CONTACT    According to market demand, specifications and images may have changed, please prevail in kind; prices in the order asked, does not contain electrical, plumbing, construction decoration, such as installed cost of the project cost of materials and accessories.
2G1~2G3 steam room 12A steam room
6A steam room 14A steam room
8A steam room 16A steam room
2B steam room 4D steam room
4B steam room 6D steam room
6B steam room 7D steam room
8B steam room 8D steam room
10B steam room 10D steam room
16B steam room 16D steam room
12C steam room 12E
16C steam room 16E steam room
7F steam room 10F steam room
12F steam room
18F steam room 20F steam room
2B1 steam room 2B2 steam room
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