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    2).  16~96 Inch Sand filter  


Top sand filter

fig.2-1 CFT Top water sand filter

Strong pressure: working pressure cylinder Tatsu 0.25~0.4Mpa, the factory test pressure up to 0.8Mpa, fully comparable with the carbon filter.

Lightweight corrosion resistance: because of the use of all-glass steel structure, the weight is far lighter than carbon filters, reducing the load-bearing pressure of the foundation, and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, provincial of the carbon filters have to regularly patch coating troubles.

Durable: high-quality anti-corrosion, anti-wear materials, coupled with advanced design, the filters do not have long-term maintenance, durable body.

Simple: many high-quality voltage to the ABS valve, gently turning the handle can only achieve a filter to switch between multiple functions.

Purposes: Has enough because of the deep seabed as a guarantee, it is easy by choosing a variety of different filter media or a combination of filters allows for a variety of occasions.

In addition to quartz sand, the choice of filter media are: Mn sand, activated carbon, anthracite, fiber ball, resin, zeolite, etc..

   High-density fiberglass sand filter tank, using today's most advanced process technology. One of mobility improvements to make filtering more perfect, the structure of glass filament-wound cylinder sand more robust, with good resistance to chemical corrosion, as well as sunscreen and anti-UV performance.
   Uniquely designed water distribution device can be stable even water flow, drainage culverts and high efficiency.
   Easy to install, repair, maintenance convenience; there are eight horizontal row mouth objects, and comprehensively deal with all the filter material, to ensure the best filtering effect; with transparent glass in order to observe the extent of flushing water clarity; durable overall stability at the bottom to ensure the greatest sexual.

1.Enhanced seamless polyester shell, glass filament-wound spherical structure allows a more robust cylinder sand the surface after a drug-free treatment.
2.Anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-UV UV, anti-oxidation O3, sunscreen, water fresh GM.
3.Unique water catchment devices compatible with the formation of a balanced water flow, drainage culverts and high efficiency.
4.Filtering and high precision, good quality water, the effluent turbidity of <20um.
5.High flow filter, filtration rate up to 10 ~ 50m3/h/m2.
6.Multi-directional valve to facilitate easy operation, with a transparent wash water outfall in order to observe the degree of clarity.
7.Equipped with barometer, manual vent valve and drainage.
8. Bolts, nuts, and a variety of fasteners are stainless steel.
9.Cleansing fast, do not drain filter, operation and maintenance is simple, not bad cylinder decade.

1.Large swimming pools, water park, massage pools and a water purification filter works.
2.Industrial effluent, sewage purification treatment.
3.Drinking water pretreatment.
4.Agricultural irrigation water.
5.Sea water, fresh water aquaculture water treatment.
6.Hotels, aquatic products market of high-density culture.
7.Marine aquarium, aquatic organisms living laboratory system.
8.Aquatic products processing wastewater of sewage treatment before discharge.
9.Water treatment plant of the circulatory system.



Side sand filter

fig.2-2 CFS Side water sand filter


Large flow sand filter

fig.2-3 CFS Large flow-cylinder high-pressure sand filter


Multiport top valve filter

fig.2-4 Top outlet water-type
Multi-directional valve

MODEL Diameter
Tank Dia. mm
Height mm
pipe size
pipe inch/mm
Area M2
add sand
Package Size
2-1. Top-Mount fiberglass sand filter
CFT14 F350 680 1.5"/40/48.3 0.10 5.1 20 12 36x26x70
CFT16 F400 740 1.5"/40/48.3 0.13 6.3 30 15 48x48x78
CFT18 F450 800 1.5"/40/48.3 0.16 7.98 40 16.5 49x49x83
CFT21 F550 840 1.5"/40/48.3 0.22 11.52 85 21.1 57x57x71
CFT25 F650 960 1.5"/40/48.3 0.30 16.2 155 24.3 68x68x83
CFT28/B F700 1025 1.5"/2"/48/60 0.40 19.2 185/180 33 73x73x86
CFT32 F800 1200 2"/50/60.3 0.50 25.2 210 41.5 84x84x96
CFT36 F900 1300 2"/50/60.3 0.64 30 310 52.5 94x94x108
CFT40 F1000 1400 2"/ 50/60.3 0.79 33 410 95 107x107x125
CFT44 F1100 1480 2"/50/60.3 0.98 37.8 460 115 117x117x135
CFT48 F1200 1600 2"/50/60.3 1.13 42 560 124 127x127x144
CFT56 F1400 1580 2"/50/60.3 1.54 57 900 182.5 145x145x160
2-2. Side-Mount fiberglass sand filter
CFS18 F450 670 1.5"/40/48.3 0.16 7.98 40 16.5 49x49x83
CFS21 F550 710 1.5"/40/48.3 0.22 11.52 85 21.1 57x57x71
CFS25 F650 830 1.5"/40/48.3 0.30 16.2 155 24.3 68x68x83
CFS28/B F700 895 1.5"/2"/48/60 0.4 19.2 185/180 33 73x73x86
CFS32 F800 1030 2"/50/60.3 0.5 25.2 210 41.5 84x84x96
CFS36 F900 1130 2"/50/60.3 0.64 30 310 52.3 94x94x108
CFS40 F1000 1230 2"/50/60.3 0.79 33 410 95 107x107x125
CFS44 F1100 1310 2"/50/60.3 0.98 37.8 460 115 117x117x135
CFS48 F1200 1430 2"/50/60.3 1.13 42 560 124 127x127x144
CFS56 F1400 1680 2"/50/60.3 1.54 57 900 182.5 145x145x160
2-3. Large flow-Mount fiberglass sand filter
CFS48B F1200 1400 3"/80/88.9 1.13 51.6 1560 160 140x140x160
CFS56 F1400 1650 4"/100/114.3 1.54 69 1900 180 160x160x185
CFS64 F1600 1800 4"/100/114.3 2.00 90 2600 230 180x180x200
CFS72 F1800 1900 6"/150/168.3 2.70 120 3240 250 200x200x210
CFS80 F2000 2000 6"/150/168.3 3.14 141 4000 300 220x220x220
CFS94 F2350 2200 8"/200/219.1 4.30 206.4 8200 500 250x250x240
CFS98 F2500 2300 8"/200/219.1 4.90 237.6 11500 620 270x270x250


Multiport side valve

fig.2-5 Side outlet water-type
Multi-directional valve


fig.2-5 Large flow-Mount fiberglass sand filter
Cleansing the mouth with(Opt)


Multiport pipe valve

fig.2-6 Large flow-Mount fiberglass
Multi-directional valve(Opt)

    3).  Hair and Lint Strainers basket(Hair filter)  

hair filter

   In the treatment process, in order to prevent hair and other debris into the circulation pumps and filters, so as to avoid damage to equipment, should be installed on pump inlet filter, such as hair.

   According to GB50336-2002 and CECS14: 2002, well-designed open-style hair fast filters in wastewater treatment and swimming pool water treatment achieved good results, it has a reasonable structure, small filter resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life the advantages of rapid opening and closing operation is very convenient, it adopted the international flow of small tube diameter than Chase (K> 2) the advanced design concept, so that a significant reduction in costs and prices.

(1)Materials: ABS plastic or PP-R.
(2)Structure: The hair, the use of filters at the top of the form of living then link to allow regular cleaning of impurities within the core network.
(3)Size: inside and out of the outlet nozzle for the teeth, Φ50mm (G1.5 ").
(4)Manufacturing process standard GB2880-81 implementation.
(5)0.4MPa water pressure test.

MODEL water
Flow M3/h
material pipe diameter
than K
Cargo size
Tank Dia. mm
Package Size
MS-series Hair collection basket(Hair filter)
MS50A 25~35 ABS 1.5"/40/48.3 8.8 2 Φ140xH245 2.5 30x18x30
MS50B 25~35 PP-R 1.5"/40/48.3 8.8 2 F150xH280 2.5 30x18x30

    4).  Swimming pool filter integration  
Swimming pool Integrated filtration system
   Reliable non-pipe filtration system(Pip-Free Filtration)
   Four-step ladder and have to swim against the current, built-in heater and air-distribution system together. Equipped with single or two filter bags, suitable for larger pools of private villas.
F15 Swimming pool integration filter characteristics:
1. Do not have room, do not pipe.
2. Up to 6-micron filtration precision: more thoroughly in the water filter out bacteria.
a. To make the water meet the drinking water standards.
b. To ensure water purity.
3. Province of equipment: underwater lights bring their own equipment.
a. Bring their own cleaning equipment features.
b. Equipment can be used when the escalator to facilitate the up and down.
4. Water interface technology, deal with the surface of floating objects, and ensure a clean surface.
5. Low operating costs: the province of water, power, provincial artificial, provincial drug.
6. Landscape Architecture: summer swimming, winter landscape.
7. Versatility.
8. Operation and Maintenance easy: Body of easy swimming pool maintenance, no noise, can be automatically opened, shutdown, general staff training can be easy to operate, no professionals.
9. Security features: simple fire can be sprayed up to 2nd floor.
a. Equipment parameters --- installation: hanging installation.
b. Water flow: 18 or 25m3/h~50m3/h.
c. water-pump: 450w or 1100w ~ 2200w.
d. Underwater lamp: 200w or LED10w.
e. Materials: acrylic hot synthetic material.
f. Characteristics: single or two filter bags.

MODEL water-pump
Pump KW
filter area
bag чm
Cargo size
Package Size
Swimming pool Integrated filtration system, 一体化过滤系统
F10 1.0HP,0.75kw 100/9.3 13.2 12V 100W 10~15 80 100x72x102 100 108x80x110
F15 1.5HP, 1.1kw 100/9.3 19.8 12V 100W 7.5~15 84.5 100x72x102 104.5 108x80x110
F20 2.0HP, 1.5kw 150/13.9 25.2 LED10W 7.5~15 86 100x72x102 106 108x80x110
F30 3.0HP, 2.2kw 150/13.9 30.6 LED10W 5~15 87.5 100x72x102 107.5 108x80x110
F25 2.0HPx2, 3kw 200/18.6 50.4 LED10W 5~15 104 100x72x102 124 108x80x110
F35 3.0HPx2, 4kw 300/27.8 61.2 LED10W 5~15 107 100x72x102 127 108x80x110

    5). Protein Skimmer Specifications ( Foam Separator )  
Protein Skimmer 
   Foam separator (separator protein), also known as protein discounting, and protein demister, protein removal, and protein fractionation, and foam fractionation, and of nitrogen browser.

SKIMMER working principle:
   Foam separation is the use of high-speed vortex flow enhanced role of the gas / water fully mixed, and in the water have a large number of small bubbles, the bubble because of the role of surface tension, so that the heavy metals in water, protein, fiber, feed residues and faeces small mucus and other particles and organic matter adsorbed on the bubble surface, the bubble separator reuse gas, the difference between the proportion of water will bubble with dirt flotation separation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water.

SKIMMER run mode:
   Operation of circulating water pump, water jet device After injected into the formation of a strong vortex of circulating currents, and the countless who have too many bubbles adhesion protein, fine dirt, side flip side of upward extrusion, bubble separation of these foreign bodies out of the water, used to contain sewage, dirt cup, and clean water from other pipelines forced back to pool.

Product Usage:
   Mainly used in sea water, fresh water factory farms, Seafood nursery grounds, aquarium, such as sewage treatment.

Product features:
1.Unique design flow.
2.Forced extrusion-type currents.
3.Bubble meticulous, large surface area.
4.Use of surface tension, decontamination and high efficiency.

Note: due to sea water density, the bubble was only pinhole general, other low-density water and seawater are different.

MODEL Diameter
Tank Dia.
pipe size
Power KW
Package Size
Protein Skimmer Specifications ( Foam Separator )
PS300 F600mm 1800mm 1.5"/40/48.3 3.0HP, 2.2kw 30.6 30PPM 60 90x66x190
PS500 F600mm 2200mm 1.5"/40/48.3 2.0HPx2, 3kw 50.4 20PPM 80 90x66x230

ISO UL CE CCC... certificate

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