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Product Catalog    1.  3kw~30kw Steam generator (steam machine) Beauty Body  
steam generator sauna heater pool heater cooler heater heat exchanger pool fittings sauna room steam room water treatment Controller jntan steam generator   Steam generator steam room, high-quality PC Toner A3 spraying shell, stainless steel liner for steam and price concessions.
  Owned materials: 63A circuit breaker, 4M2 copper wire, 4 minutes into a water pipe, G1/2 into a valve, steam tubes (brass or stainless steel tube), G3/4 variant G1/2 pipe connection 1 , G1/2 pipe 1, TA4x20 stainless steel screws.
  Accessories material: JC-168 digital controller, and 5 m in core S-Video 6 Aviation plug the Line of Control, 3 m 2 core air temperature sensor plug line, G1/2 steam nozzle (with decorative cover), drainage valve copper.

steam bath room

   2.   3kw~36kw Sauna stove (sauna heater) bathroom heater  
golday sauna heater   Finland bath conditions: relative humidity 15% ~ 30%, temperature 65 ℃~ 85 ℃, not have to worry about skin damage caused by dehydration.
  Sauna room sauna heater, heater metal parts are stainless steel, two kinds of paint and stainless steel casing, has a built-mechanical controller, or an external controller, buy the necessary materials: stone sauna (required) , casks, wooden spoon, thermometer, hourglass, lamps.

sauna bath room

   3.   1.5kw~72kw Swimming pool thermostat (Spa Bathtub heater)  
  spa pool heater   Are water-saving energy-saving thermostat bath of swimming pool heater, tank with sand filter and pump, you can re-use bath water.
  Dual-heating tube dive design, selection of a high corrosion-resistant stainless steel heating tube, thermal efficiency and high thermal conductivity.
  Heating temperature reaches set temperature after the auto power-off, thermal insulation, when the temperature dropped back to worse, and then continue to set the heating temperature, heating process of automatic control, the ideal energy-saving effect.

outdoor hot tub

     4.   1.5HP~20HP Air source heat pump cooling and heating thermostats  
  cooler heat pump    All walks of life 1~10 ℃ of cold-water supply, the supply of hot water thermostat 42~45 ℃ uses:
   Restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls food department, the hotel supply of hot water 42~45 ℃.
   Beauty salons, massage center, sauna center, schools, hospitals, plastic plants, the supply of 1~10 ℃ of cold water, hot water supply to 42~45 ℃.
   Swimming pools, ponds (tropical fish), the fermentation tank, such as the supply of hot water 25~28 ℃.
     5.   25kw~120kw Heat exchangers (boiler heat exchanger)  
  heat exchange    Maxi-Flo 3T Tubular heat exchangers (the boiler heat exchanger) is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, ship and air conditioning, refrigeration, food and beverages in areas such as heating, evaporation, cooling and condensation processes, hotels, guest houses, bathing establishments, such as . heat exchanger elements
     6.   SPA Bath accessories and swimming pool accessories  
  spa hot tub    1. With Jacuzzi function, a total of 6 massage places.
   2. A4 strong wind pumps, new air nozzle.
   3. New control panel, electrical control boxes, sub-valve and air conditioners;
   4. New color LED underwater lights.
   5. Floating-type filters, high-power heater maximum power up to 15kw.
   6. Multi-function water level monitoring, detection temperature monitoring facilities, ozone generators, accessories, etc.
   7. 3 high-end flower pillow, CD, audio functions.
   8. 4 removable window repair.
   9. Navy blue tank body, with wooden steps, the United States selected acrylic sheet.
   10. With water protection, has overload and earth leakage protective device.
   11. Maximum capacity up to 4 cubic meters of water, normal water pressure can be filled with about 9 minutes in the entire cylinder.
swimming pool
     7.   S0810~S3030 Sauna room (sauna steam room) design (see Figure)  
  sauna room    Saunas room are used by high-temperature treatment of Baisong manufacture, and use separate cotton insulation, concrete can be finished according to specification choice. Sauna can accommodate the number of in accordance with different specifications according to the size of multi-design, has a variety of specifications.
  buy the necessary materials: sauna stove heater (required), stone sauna (required) , casks, wooden spoon, thermometer, hourglass, lamps.
sauna bath room
     8.   Steam room (wet steam room) with a steam generator size specifications (see Figure)  
  satem room   MPC steam room quality durable materials, with stand-alone luxurious streamlined seat, aluminum metal magnetic touch or hydraulic strengthening of safety glass door, leak-proof plastic seat edge connectivity, aesthetics, durability. Capable of withstanding high temperature and humidity changes, not easy to burst.
   Optional: Housing body, tempered glass door, and rubber anti-skid, anti-explosive lights, thermometers, bench seat, steam generator.
   1.Purchase of the steam engine and check the computer control panel.
   2.Concern about the steam room inspection sheet.
   3.Note the room size (area and heigrht).
   4.Attention to the meter at home can not stand up to heavy load currents.
   5.Attention we provide good after-sales service.
steam bath room
     9.   Water treatment facilities and accessories  
  filter_pump    1. Sand filter.
   2. water pump.
   3. Hair traps.
   4. Ozone sterilizer.
   5. Dosing device.
   6. Protein skimmer.
pool pilot purification process
     10.   sauna steam room controllers, controller bath, swimming pools electric control box  
  controller    1. steam generator controllers.
   2. sauna stove heater controllers.
   3.Spa bathtub controllers.
   4. swimming pools electric control box.
   5. Sauna automatic watering control system.
   6. AC contactor relay box.
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