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steam manual    1, steam generator, home and commercial installation diagram
installation diagram characteristics safe use operation Installation pipelines Install electricity maintain Repair guide To: PRODUCTS steam generator install  steam generator setting

     2, characteristics of steam generator
  Energy-saving steam JINTIAN companies are from a number of senior R&D design Engineer, after NEC scrutinized a specialist consultant to a top-steam generator, sauna equipment, this product brings the highest standards of quality; and to ease the current fuel costs due to the catering industry have been brought about by the high operating pressure is too great situation.

  Sauna steam generator for steam sauna, sauna originated in 2000 in Finland for many years. After a large amount of cold water over steam, hot air through the blood through the blood vessels brought to the heart, accelerated heart beat and blood circulation, and sweating also accelerate the metabolism, the body of toxic substances excreted with sweat.

Its significant features as follows:

1. Adoption of international most advanced microcomputer control technology: one-button switch machine, clock settings, small bees regularly prompts shutdown sound, temperature measurement and settings, steam emission, (light, oxygen, fans, steam room with the Company's applicable), using touch-button operation.
2. Hydropower separation technology: to import Sillicon dense magnesium oxide powder and heating pipe filled, 100% separation of water and electricity.
3. Security, fault display: The operation of pre-testing, when the abnormal circuit happen, the temperature is too high, etc., can be immediately cut off the power supply, and display the cause of the malfunction.
4. High-power machine to increase one-way pressure relief safety valve, starting pressure only0.1Mpa.
5. Use of OEM production of copper materials in Japan the main solenoid valve manufacturer.
6. Multiple anti-dry protection features: The three Incoloy probe to ensure water supply, over-temperature protection will shut off power.
7. Radiator plate by the high-quality SUS304 stainless steel plate made of high temperature in the plate into the timber part of aviation titanium, an increase of the strength of tanks and corrosion resistance to ensure long life of the machine.
8. Shell thickening A3 sheet for cold-rolled steel sheet, inside and outside the paint 300oC.
9. 3KW to 18KW power to suit different consumer needs.
10. Match the volume of the steam room from 2.5 to 20 cubic meters.
11. Rinse clean drainage features, at any time of cleaning.

Sauna steam bath generator brief introduction:

1, high efficiency, energy saving, the hotel tradition of cooking food using diesel, coal, gas and other energy saving as high as 50%, this can be for enterprises to reduce operating costs and improve enterprise efficiency.

2, easy-to-use switch easily, use the switch when you can simply open the steam engine, the function of a large amount of high-performance steam, has changed the traditional boiling water and then the process for the production of steam, so that not only shortened the time, but also improve work efficiency.

3, safe, reliable, good looks, compact and so on.

     3, Safe use of steam generator
  Installation must be in accordance with national norms, from professional qualifications to carry out certification of technicians; any connections to be cut off power to the Products is strictly prohibited to connect any additional wires or additional power supply, confirm ground should not connect with the electricity wires. In the installation, maintenance, repair process, in order to enable the continued safe operation of the machine, use the original authorized replacement parts.

1, Attention switches and wires, and the steam engine to match the voltage and current load; the installation of power lines before it is confirmed that single-phase electric (220V) or three-phase electric (380V).

2, Prohibition of inverted installation, would have unpredictable consequences.

3, In line to install circuit breakers must be installed strictly in accordance with the specifications table dedicated air circuit breakers, in order to avoid frequent tripping Do not install the CFI (Earth leakage electrical).

4, Attention of the machine after the installation of waterproof, is strictly prohibited rinse with tap water to avoid danger.

5, Prohibition in the steam engine placed above and around the items.

6, Prohibit foreign investment drive in order to prevent causing a short circuit, fire and other hazards.

7, Steam engine is prohibited to cut off steam after the opening of a way out, the need to maintain smooth flow of steam pipes.

8, Operator is prohibited to use wet hands to touch the power plug, power switch.

9, Prohibits the placing flammable items around the steam engine.

10, Use of the process of odor smell, smelly, please do not hesitate to cut off power supply, treatment professionals notice.

11, Ensure smooth flow inlet to avoid the mandatory air burning.

12, Access to water should be in accordance with GB5749-85 standards, and strictly prohibit the use of substandard water.

     4, Functional operation of steam generator
steam controller  Fig.4 steam engine control panel


1, Open the exclusive power air circuit breakers, the steam engine in the standby mode, the left box shows the display board.

Note: A, time display, B, temperature display, C, time to change the button, D, the temperature set button, E, light controls, F, standby switch button, G, steam control buttons, H, ozone controls ( purchase), I, the fan control button (optional).

2, Left side of the time display box shows the number "1", on behalf of one hour, the work of the steam engine automatically shuts down time for one hour; "30" on behalf of 30 minutes.

3, Operator can be hand-hold down the "C" button, and adjust the time according to the arrow shown.

4, Open the Power control panel in a standby mode, the operator by pressing "G" button. Start the machine and started to tank water, according to models of different machines filled water period is about 3 minutes, the steam engine in the water to normal after cessation of heating, according to different models of steam time steam engine about 3 minutes.

5, Operator to stop when used in the control panel by pressing the button "F" can be, and finally shut down power controller.

6, in order to make the steam equipment, better energy efficiency and longer life, require operators to stop using every day when the water from the steam engine, to achieve emissions once per day.

     5, Steam engine pipeline installation instructions
1, according to the local physical size of the mounting hole in the wall hole;

2, hang the machine, in the confirmation of the correct circumstances, the use of expansion screws well;

3, for cold water connection:

(1) Cold import connector specifications are G1/2" pipe thread;

(2) This machine adopts the automatic replenishment functions are not subject to water pressure change impacts;

(3) Inlet of the machine must use metal hose connected to steel pipes can also be directly connected; into the front-end water mains must be equipped with control valves (ie water supply valve switch).

4, a steam pipe connections:

(1) Steam pipe connector specifications are G3/4" or 1" pipe thread. Therefore the steam pipe connections must use stainless steel hose to connect;

(2) As the host and steam cabinet, steamer (or Sauna places) the actual situation, use the recent distance (furthest no more than 1 m) to connect and reduce the turn position, indeed necessary turn, bend angle must be greater than 110 , to ensure that the steam rapidly transported to the desired location;

(3) Export steam valve can not be installed, if the steam pipe to connect steam cabinets installed when required such as two or more steam exports, we must have more than one export can not be installed steam valve to let steam in a normally open state;

(4) Steam pipe connection between the interconnection to be fitted with silicone gaskets (or asbestos, rubber gasket), the connection joints gently tightened to ensure that the steam does not leak on the pass;

(5) Steam pipe connection finished boot inspection, confirmed that the entire pipeline does not leak steam when the thermal insulation material with high temperature seal the entire steam piping, and finally sealed with aluminum foil on the outside dressing, and its purpose is to ensure that the value of hot steam can be the most full use.

5, prior to installation, in accordance with the installation of the kitchen environment, site visits and coordination with the chef, and the installation of the host location and waterways, steam road, circuit layout, so it is necessary to facilitate the operation, but also in line with the performance of the local requirements.

6, such as required when lifting the machine must be robust to ensure that the local use of safety.

  steam machine internal sketch plan  Fig.5-1 Figure steam generator rohrleitungsbausteam generator plumbing install  Fig.5-2 Figure steam generator rohrleitungsbau

     6, Steam engine circuit wiring installation instructions
1, Product is suitable for supply voltage 380V, installation must be in accordance with the Company to provide a unified model of Load Current Products Select heat, flame-retardant wire as the introduction of power line, the Company recommends the use of double insulation GB-ZR/BVVR conductors, cross-sectional area of not less than 6mm2.

2, installation requirements in accordance with GB-232 standard installation of grounding systems, machinery PE line direct access from the grounding line, PE conductor cross-section should be adopted not less than2.5 mm2 copper line.

3, select the match with the local alignment of the power supply wires, the steam engine power cord directly access the lower end of the air circuit breaker, the entire power supply line insulation resistance requirements of AC500V/0.5Mohm.

4, confirm the correct supply voltage (220V or 380V, see tag). Please refer to the machine specification of the tag or the "technical specifications" of information.

5, right side of the power from the machine into the line of penetration. The multi-core cable (single-phase electric machine for L, N, GND lines for 3-phase: U, V, W, N and GND), stripped of the insulating layer 5 centimeters long, pressed into RVL5.5-4 (5) terminal, will be yellow-green ground wire and marked "GND" multi-core wire linking the two power cords with marked "L" and "N" (3 phase: U, V, W, N and GND) multi-cored wire connection (please refer to "technical specifications" in the corresponding model parameters).

6, will plug gaps in the line of control the direction of large upward insertion machinery behind big outlet, temperature sensing line will be a small gap in the direction of plug insertion machines up behind a small socket, back after the installation of the superstructure, machinery and electricity can be test machine.


  controller installation  Fig.6-1-2 electrocircuit connection  

Power of selective attention:

  Steam engine's power and connections should match the voltage, power does not match there will be hot or cold, such as instability phenomenon, voltage 220V steam equipment if connected to 380V voltage, will be burnt out heater tube and line motherboards, voltage 380V steam equipment access 220V steam engine on the basic power will be reduced by one-third of the efficacy.

Installation and maintenance attention:

  Any link to the former must be cut off power supply, no live line work, can not be confirmed with other live ground wire connections in the installation and maintenance, in order to enable the continued operation of steam equipment, safety, please use the unified authorization model original accessories.

     7, steam engine maintenance and maintenance
Steam engine maintenance guide:
  1. To prevent the steam, water leakage caused by damage to the machine, the user need for regular on the steam engine, steam the mouth, with attachment, steam piping, etc. to be checked.
  2. Prolonged use of the steam engine would produce a certain scale, in order to make the engines in use exert better efficacy, recommend that users always opened the machine to clear the drainage valve frequent scale.
  3. Any time, when the local run-time attention must be paid to signs of excessive heat, regular inspection of all wire interface of the solid.
  4. Water level probe to clean once every six months, clean the concrete steps: 1, disconnect the power; 2, open the case cover; 3, recording probe red, yellow and green wires position; 4, under the screw, remove the probe; 5, clean; 6, in accordance with the demolition of the anti-chronological back.
  5. Steam engine repair guide
  6. Replacement of heating tubes: Disconnect the power, water tank platoon will open the box cover and do electric tube drainage valve cover. Marking the wire interface, the removal of wires. Electrothermal tube will be removed. Cleaning tank and then the scale will be electric nozzle into a tube and heating tube tightening. (Electric tube gasket should pay attention to compaction, should not everted) to re-connect the power wire tags. Check the heater nozzle without leaking water after the closure plate can be a good chassis.

※Replacement of circuit boards: Turn off the machine power supply, remove the machine power supply, remove the front cover of the machine, recording three colors red, yellow, and green wires and the water level probe docking (attention even in the circuit board and fixed screws in the PCB under the yellow-green to line), fixed on the circuit board removed the screws, circuit board can be removed. That is, according to the above steps to install the opposite operation.

※Replacement solenoid valve: Disconnect the machine to switch off the power and water, remove the front cover, unplug the solenoid valve from the two green wires, remove the solenoid valve on the hose, removed the two bolts remove the valve body fixed. Install solenoid valve and the hose above the opposite process.

※Replacement of the water level probe: disconnect the machine power supply, the removal of the superstructure, recording probe above 1,2,3 (or red, yellow, and green) wires location, unplug all the wires and probes, using wrench under the spin probe , install a new water level probe, tighten the nut until the plastic nozzle at the bottom to the original height, re-plugged three lines.

     8, steam generator common troubleshooting guide
   Machines are not user operable components, such as to repair must be certified by qualified professionals, for more services or take the help of factory authorized service, please contact sales. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not let the machine by the rain or damp.

Troubleshooting can be found in the following wiring diagram of the circuit board inside the LED brightness to match or out, and again when troubleshooting must first disconnect the power.

  Fault   Reasons   Fault repair

   No electricity

Loose power lines
Total power switch did not open
Fuse burning

  1. Cut off the power supply, check the connections and lines will be connected loose Department
  2. Open the total power switch
  3. Replacement of fuses (or destroyed after the replacement, please contact the seller)

  Open the switch, indicator light but there is no steam

No water supply,
Control circuit failure,
Steam engine problems

  1. After the switch to open at least 5 minutes
  2. Check the water supply valve is turned on
  3. Check whether the voltage solenoid valve coil, solenoid valve checks good and bad
  4. Inspect the drainage valve is closed
  5. Replace circuit board
  6. Show the temperature is lower than set temperature
  7. Check the flow of steam pipes

  Indicator light switch is still closed to eliminate the production of steam

Control circuit failure,
Steam engine problems

  1. Replace controller
  2. Check the probe and its wiring or replacement circuit boards

  Substantial water steam nozzle

Steam engine problems
Solenoid valve malfunction
Probe wire connection
Probe contact with a bad circuit board jack

  1. closure of the total power supply, turn off the water
  2. Solenoid Valve Replacement
  3. Replacement of circuit boards
  4. Repair inspection probe line and probe, and the circuit board socket interface make it a good contact
  5. Cleaning steam pipe

  Controller enables the steam engine to start (water should not the inflow of light is not bright or very dark)

Power is not correct,
No power supply,
Controller failure,
Circuit board failure,
Control circuit short-circuit

  1. Gates have been closed to confirm
  2. Replacement of the controller or the circuit board and the Line of Control
  3. Open the inlet valves, check inlet

  Power supply connected to the machine on startup, control lights, water vapor from the mouth of the outflow

Machine is not properly grounded,
Controller's own fault,
The line of control short-circuit or circuit board failure.

  1. Inspection machine is correct grounding
  2. Inspection of water tanks and the circuit board to connect the yellow-green ground wire to confirm connection good
  3. Cut off power, cut off the controller and the line-line, and then close the power supply, if power is not connected to the machine work, CON1 (3) hat into 1-2 feet work, please check the line of control
  4. If the line and the interface is good, the replacement of the controller or contact seller

  Turn off the controller (control lights out) still can not cut off water from the sprinklers in the outflow

Solenoid valve failure or circuit board failure

  1. Disconnect the machine power supply, if the water to stop the outflow, please click the No.3 repair
  2. Remove the solenoid valve, disassemble, clean, reinstall and check whether the work
  3. Valve replacement
  4. Replace circuit board

  Controller opens the water tank has ruled out the machine should not add water

No water supply (switch off),
Solenoid valve was blocked,
Solenoid valve failure,
Controller failure,
Circuit board failure,
Water level probe failure,
Ball valve is not open.

  1. Check the drain valve (to open will be closed)
  2. Check the water supply is correct (valve should be open)
  3. Replace circuit board
  4. Replacement of the Line of Control
  5. Replace controller
  6. In the right to carry out such work, is still not solve the problem, will probe plug the water level re-color line probe, carefully plug interface solenoid valve, solenoid valve coils in the two ports have been enough voltage. If the voltage is 220V, please replace the coil, if the low voltage or not, Replace circuit board or contact the seller
  7. Unplug the cable, removed the solenoid valve, disassemble, cleaning, reassembly and check whether the normal working
  8. Solenoid Valve Replacement
  Controller open (control lights) And outflow of water from the sprinklers

Circuit board failure, connect the circuit board and the water level of connection between the probe and the water level probe failure or the machine has non-normal grounding

  1. Check the green line (P3) is correct then the water level probe in the shortest pin on Adventure
  2. Inspection machine is correct grounding
  3. Inspection of water tanks and the circuit board to connect a semi-green ground wire is connected firmly
  4. Replace circuit board

  Controller open (control lights) Machines do not produce steam

Unfinished machines filled water,
Heating tubes burned,
Timer failure
Water level probe failure or circuit board failure

  1. A, turn off the controller; B, open the drain valve to the water tank platoon END; C, turn off the drain valve; D, open the controller; E machines began to water, has Click to listen the noise, 20 seconds after to hear the case until the voices stop this, that the water tank is full, continue to press "3" to carry out. Such as water tanks into the water should not see failure "chassis should not fill water" repair guide.
  2. Such as water tanks filled with water but you can not hear the relay Click, two long probe temporarily grounded, such as when each probe grounding Click to hear, then the replacement of the water level probe, such as still can not hear on Replace circuit board.
  3. In determining the water tank full of water and Click to hear later, using voltage meter to test each tube electric voltage between two wires, voltage is 220V, such as voltage normal, please contact the vendor or replacement of electric heating tube, otherwise , please check the wiring diagram analysis.

  Controller has been switched off but the machine still running

Controller failure, the circuit board failure or from the timer to the machine short-circuit ground wire

  1. Prior to the work such as machine control and LED lights, the circuit board fault contact vendors
  2. Reference to "power when the machine is running" section
   In order to ensure that users enjoy the satisfaction of the after-sales service, please read the following provisions:
  1. If you used the steam engine has the unusual circumstances should not normally use, please click "method of treatment failure and its" itemized check treatment. Such as a bad deal or still has not understand the place, please do not blindly deal with their own, should be consistent with the Company designated special repair department.
  2. You can also write the Department addressed to the Company directly related to after-sales service, please write to inform the following:
    (1) Product name, model
    (2) Phenomenon (some as much detail as possible)
    (3) Process appears
  3. Use of repair parts warranty period
    (1) Since parts of the Product from the date of the factory 3 year warranty is available. (The Company reserves to change without prior notice parts, the right attachment)
    (2) The so-called spare parts for repair purposes, are the product performance in order to maintain the necessary spare parts.
  4. About Frequently Asked Questions and repair contact
    (1) To buy to install a branch consultation, or to the nearby service sector advisory.
  5. Malfunction when in need of repair
    (1) According to [common troubleshooting table], or can not be solved, please cut off power after the installation process and Engineering Division (Branch) Liaison.
    (2) Warranty period
    * The time of repair, please produce a warranty card, in accordance with the provisions of the warranty card, please Engineering repair.
    (3) Repair costs (outside the scope of warranty)
    * Technology fee + parts + travel expenses constituted.
  6. Tip-off specification in terms of the warranty is not a matter of scope, even in warranty repairs will also be fees, such as the following:
    (1) Products not require the use of the use of the specification, installation manual, installation, maintenance, custody and damage;
    (2) Due to misuse, such as demolition and transformation caused by the failure and damage to property;
    (3) After the purchase happen because of transportation collisions, caused by water damage;
    (4) due to fires, earthquakes, storms, floods, lightning, salt damage, gas, abnormal voltage or other disasters caused by faults or damage to property;
    (5) Connect the machine due to other causes of failure and damage to property;
    (6) Product has the seal of the Company did not maintain complete and open on its own;
    (7) Should not produce an invoice and warranty card without the customer name, purchase date, store name and seal or self-altered invoices and warranty card.
  7. Installation must be in accordance with national norms, by a qualified technical staff to carry out the certificate, install or repair be required before power.
  8. Warranty responsibility is limited to the Company's Products.
  9. JINTIAN will not be anything of injury, loss or damage and human factors such as responsibility for any loss.
  10. After-sales services relating to specific matters, please contact the Company's vendors contact.

 Warranty system of the power of interpretation belongs to the Chinese company JINTIAN

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